Switching Hardware

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Switching Hardware

Post by hercguy »

Hi All,
I am trying to switch from Phidgets to the FDS SXS3X board to rewire my throttle qaudrant. Don't know if this is possible. When I go to the configuration files for the B737NG it dose not show any files on the download list for A/T, thrust reverser, parking brake, fuel shut off, TOGA.
Am I using the wrong board or is there a way to program these functions?
Using Winxp
FSX software
Project Magenta
FSUICP (latest version)
(do not have pmsystem software)
Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Post by melnato »

Im a bit rusty on Project Magenta...but
Reverse thrust, Park Brake and fuel shut off can be programmed using
default FSX/FSUIPC offsets.
A/T Arm and TOGA need PM offsets if your using PM MCP.
You can still do it all with your SYS3 card for sure.


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Post by Jetcos »

In FSUIPC there is a "PM" section in the dropdown menu.
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