Programming in InterfaceIT

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Programming in InterfaceIT

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Is it possible to do any other programming in InterfaceIT other than just putting in Offsets? I have an APU panel that has two switches -- one switch has one LED and the other has two LEDs. One switch cannot be functional until the other switch has been pushed. So what I need to do is Inhibit the offset that one switch sends until a second offset has been sent.
The two LEDs in the one switch cannot be on at the same time. One needs to be on for 10 seconds and the second needs a 12 second delay before it comes on (so there is a 2 second gap between one LED turning off and the other turning on -- but that delay could also be zero).
So what needs to happen is to add a 12 second delay the first LEDs Offset and adding a duration that another LEDs Offset is active.
Hope that is clear. :D

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