Any suggestion on how to learn CDU?

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Any suggestion on how to learn CDU?

Post by FlyToTheMoon »

I am a relatively new FS simmer, and I recently purchased Sim-avionic to start building my own flight deck.

I read several threads on this forum since I got pitch problem (often referring to "rocking / pitching of the nose") from the beginning of the flight, (I mean from the take off), but it seems that all problems may be solved once I understand how to program CDU well.

Where could I learn how to use it well? I have read Mike Ray's 737NG Training Syllabus, but unfortunately it is based on PMDG 737NGX and it does not cover the entire usage of CDU, such as N1 limit or cruise set up and so on.

Could anyone help me where to find a good reference on how to use CDU, especially related to SA CDU?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please have pity on this new simmer. :oops:

John Kim

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Post by GDR »

Did you already have a look at these

Author: Bill Buffler
Titles: B737NG FMC USER'S GUIDE / B737 FMC USER'S GUIDE (Classic) ... fms-guide/

Sim-Avionics V1.965
P3D v4.5.13.32097
FSUIPC v5.154

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Post by FlyToTheMoon »

Awesome. I can't believe that it was on FDS website. I was searching everywhere but FDS one. Thank you for your help.


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Post by lindenbs »

Look here for a litle help:

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Post by mauriceb »

Just as an FYI, the Angle of Attack training has a very good section on programming the FMS functions for the PMDG 737NG, especially the initial setup prior to departure.

While the SimA FMS differs from PMDG, the PMDG training shows all the important info applicable to both. On top of that, I can't give enough praise to the A of A general 737 NG training of all the various systems in the aircraft. It is extremely thorough and very well done.

I am in no way affiliated with A of A by the way, but I was just extremely impressed by their 737 training.


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Post by FlyToTheMoon »

Thank you for all your help. I especially like AOA instruction.

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