Project Magenta and MCDU by FDS

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Project Magenta and MCDU by FDS

Post by sacramento »

hi to all:

the question is:
I try to change my software to PM and I have a doubt:

- I have a client with PM(MCDU-software) and I want attached my MCDU by FDS,to work with this client.

Any suggestions?


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Post by pcos »

This should not be any problem.

PM software is all keyboard controlled. So....
If you wire the CDU like we have shown on the FDS webpage (Build tips) ... ingtip.htm
you will be able to integrate a Keyboard Encoder. For example the Hagstrom KE24. This is wired as per their instructions and you would write a simple "Command" file (Not hard!)....
Once that is done you should have no problem to interact with PM.

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