Annunciator Initial Value

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Annunciator Initial Value

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I have this annoying problem with the annunciators/LED's on my overhead.

I load my Flight for the PMDG737NGX and wait for the 20sec initialization. Once that finishes a stack of LEDs light up. I have tracked this down to the ones that should only be on when the Battery switch is on, which it isn't. When I switch the battery off at the end of the flight these remain on.

I have even tried using the COLDandDARK profile in the CDU but the same thing happens.

I have narrowed it down to the following -
These LED's extinguish correctly as I startup so it is not a InterfaceIT issue.
FSUIPC is just telling the led's what state they should be in.
Interface IT is connected correctly and sets all the switches as I physically have them set on my OH.

I have even taken the CDU C&D profile and edited it to set every annunciator to 0 and double checked the Battery SW is set to OFF which is verified by the fact that all switches are in the OFF state on initial load.

I don't know where the NGX gets it's values from other than this and can only assume another file is setting these which I cannot find, the NGX startup file doesn't seem to do this from what I can see.

InterfaceIT shows the offsets as on, once they light up so that again is correct, just that they shouldn't be on yet. The LEDs have just the 1 action - 1 for ON, 0 for OFF setting.

If I don't load a flight the OH stays C&D forever. If I test the leds they come on and go off as expected.

Any help appreciated.
Kind Regards

Peter Harding
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