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Preparing to start new cockpit build

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2016 6:07 pm    Post subject: Preparing to start new cockpit build Reply with quote

Hi Steve and the community,

I am getting ready to start new B737 cockpit build and have ordered the following from FDS.


2. B737NG MIP Hardware Pack with new 2.0 Items

3. InterfaceIT "High Capacity" Input/Output Interface Card. 64 Sw/128LED

4. B737NG Interface Ready Landing Gear Mechanism Universal

5. 3 x LCD Holder

6. B737NG PRO-M Series Pedestal Structure (Aluminum) with DZUS Rails.

7. 12 Volt Single Dimmer

8. IBL Series Distribution Board (Includes upgraded IBL Power Harnesses)

9. LED Based Under Glare Lighting Package. Covers Center, Capt and FO Sides. Includes 2 Dimmer units and Wiring Harness

10. B737NG PRO-MX Series Control Display Unit

11. B737 MX MCP

12. 2 x B737 MX EFIS

13. FDS Throttle Quadrant

14. Sim-A

I have ordered a dummy CDU from Aviation Megastore for the FO side until later phases when i will add a second FDS one.

I have 2 new ASUS VE198T 19" WXGA+ 1440x900 LED Monitors and 2 refurbished 15" Dell E153FPf LCD Monitors for the displays.

Phase 2 will be adding two yokes and rudder pedals to replace the temporary single CH Yoke and pedals

Phase 3 of my build will be the population of the pedestal and adding second CDU

Phase 4 will be the addition of the overhead panels

Phase 5 will be Capt. and FO seats.

Phase 6 will possibly be building the cockpit shell and liners.

If/when Phase 5 happens, Phase 6 will be a projections display system (prior to this I will probably use my SimPits Technologies Icarus Avenger 180 twin projection systems that I already have on my racing car sim (http://www.simpit.co.nz/index.php/products/icarus-avenger)

I have been busy reading manuals, document and forum posts in preparation as well as ordering parts for an avionics and Prepar3d computers.

So I have some questions (I am sure i will have many more).

1. After reading many forum posts for wiring and powering the switches, LED and IBL I believe I need the following

    850W Computer PSU for MIP/PED/TQ (second one for overheads when I get to that phase) - Correct?

    3 FDS-IBL-Dist-Dim modules (which I believe 2 are included with the LED Based Under Glare Lighting Package I ordered, so I need to order one more for the pedastal plus possibly a FS-IBL-DIST-EXP board also for the pedestal (need an extra one for the overheads when I get to that phase - Correct?

    I think the FDS-12V-Dimmer and FDS-IBL-DIST that I have ordered is a mistake and not required (yet) - Correct?

    I should use 22 gauge stranded wire for switches, buttons and LED annunciators - Correct?

    I should use 12 gauge wire for PSU to IBL and 10 gauge for any runs over 5' - Correct?

    I will need some terminal (barrier) strips.

2. As far as getting my phase 1 built, have I missed anything? I believe I will need to get a flap indicator gauge (either the FDS LED version or Flight Illusion gauge) and also at some point one or two chrono's (again either the FDS or Flight Illusion ones). Is there anything else? Do I need anything else for the wiring/powering that I have not mentioned?

Sorry for the long email, but I would appreciate any feedback or input.


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