Friendly WARNING to JetMax Owners who have an OH1 Overhead

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Friendly WARNING to JetMax Owners who have an OH1 Overhead

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If you are considering upgrading your JM TQ, and you have a JM OH1 Overhead like I and a some others on this forum have done, be very wary and careful about the balance. I bought the CFY TQ, and although it took some tweaking and trial and error to get the trim wheels to work just the way I want them, it was very well worth it. It is a real nice piece of hardware. I recommend it to anyone. Thanks goes out to MichaelYSSY for turning me on to this nice TQ.

However, don't just think you can just yank the JM TQ out and set the new TQ in there. The framework for the OH1 is really heavy duty, and the OH1 itself is pretty heavy. If you don't have the supports like there are for the JM TQ on there, the whole thing is going to tip over with catastrophic results or injury.

You will need to counter balance the back of the MIP somehow (like with a cinder block), or screw down the MIP to a platform of some sort BEFORE you set about removing the JM TQ.

I just thought I'd put this out there to remind those who have the JM overhead on their JetMax rig. FDS does state that you can't just put the OH1 on unless you also have the JM TQ to stabilize the balance. So please heed their caution!

And while i'm discussing the OH1, PLEASE PLEASE, get a couple USB extenders on there BEFORE you even think about swinging the front facia down to work behind it, like putting in functioning gauges. I had to learn the hard and expensive way about that. All it takes is one little slip when swinging that front panel down to get the USB cables caught on something and then to snap off the USB connector from the I/O boards that are in there, which is exactly what happened to me. I had to purchase a whole new OM1 board because of that one little slip and snag. Please also be aware that swinging the front facia of the OH1 down will cause an even greater out-of-balance situation.

Cudos goes to Peter for getting my replacement OM1 board out to me really fast!!! It works just like the one I broke (and don't go thinking of soldering that USB connector back on. I tried that too. It just won't work, unless you have the fingers of a shrew that don't shake and are expert at soldering work and even then it's likely to be a futile endeavor).

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