FDS SYS note being recognised by ProSim?

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FDS SYS note being recognised by ProSim?

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I can't get ProSim to "recognise" my FDS MIP - i.e. it doesn't appear in the ProSim "I/O" screen ... so I can't either manually or automatically assign the necessary "gates", "levers" and LED's ...

I've replaced all the FDS supplied cables (this solved my FDS CDU problem) ... and my SYS USB is connected directly into a USB port on the PC running both P3D and ProSim. (I have also tried connecting to the PC using an FDS Approved powered USB hub ... same result)

If I disconnect or connect the USB cable into the PC port, I can hear the familiar windows "chime" - so I know the PC is recognising the SYS cable ...

Any ideas?

(Another question - does the FDS SYS always use the same "button" numbers? If so - is there a generic ProSim 737 config file flying about anywhere?)

Any help gratefully received!!

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Post by Jetcos »

No "generic" file for ProSim, you need to assign everything.

Follow the on screen instructions in ProSim by Enabling FDS Support. In most cases you should do a Shutdown after making the change and restart the PC, P3D and ProSim. Each program in ProSim has a Config section by right-clicking on the display (PFD/ND, MCP, CDU etc) Look for FDS related items.
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