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First Officer

Post by Winstonc »

I was wondering how many of you with a dual position setup actualy every have a first officer fly with you?

I don’t, but would love to have one, especially an active/ retired 737 pilot �

Flying the 737 as a single pilot with ATC (PilotEdge) is a lot of work, not that I’m complaining ☺�


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Post by MichaelYSSY »


I only have a JetMax setup but as far as help goes I rarely get any.
Vatsim flights do get busy at Departure and Arrival and keeping up is quite hard at times.

Cruise is a Breeze.

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Daniel Estrada
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Post by Daniel Estrada »


I always fly alone but, from time to time, I'd like to meet with some friends who are virtual and real pilots, to fly my Jetmax... even when its a single seat cockpit, we make some adjustents so the captain just fly the plane and the copilot manipulate radios and automatic pilot, very interesting and funny. Obviusly, there are barbecue, beer, desserts, and lot of laughs... :)
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Post by N737AG »

I have a dual seater. And while I very often fly alone, most of the time I have somebody in the other seat. It may be family members who visit. It may be real pilots and it may be just curious friends.

What I do enjoy the most is having young people come and learn what being an aviator is all about. If I can get one person to become passionate about and seeking a career in aviation, then it has been well worth it.

This I learned from a great friend in Canada, captain of a G5, who also happens to be the most amazing aviation story teller.

Oh, and flying with someone else is always great fun.
Axel Grau
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Post by zillmer »

When my son is at home from university he flies with me. We alternate left/right seat and are gradually committing the SOP's to memory. Flying multi-crew makes a real difference to the workload, particularly when flying on VATSIM into a busy airport in some weather.

Also recently I gave a 'fear-of-flying' experience to a family friend who managed to raise and lower the gear, but not much else.

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