180 degree FOV zoom

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180 degree FOV zoom

Post by efpg0708 »

Hi guys ...

I have a full FDS 737 DSTD , and my visual system is described as it follows:

5 meter radius 180 curved screen
3 x optoma EH415ST projectors
3 fsx pc's
Warping by Immersive Display Pro

However, I didn't like the final result, particularly the zoom used in each view. It's set around 0.7, which makes everything feel very close to the aircraft and "small" when approaching a runway for example. The runway is still far from you, but due to the zoom, it feels as if it's right under your nose and your speed is very low. When you're close to touchdown, the runways feel very short and you speed feels very slow.

I'd like to know if you guys have any suggestions on how can I make this better ... I'm even willing to jump back to a one pc single projection on a flat screen, because it feels very weird flying as it is.


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Post by melnato »


A lot more than zoom is needed to make the visual look and feel realistic.
There's no magic number that will fix it, its a combination of factors.
Send me some pictures to same email as last week, I cant do much remotely, but I'm curious to see.


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Post by MichaelYSSY »

Hey Nat

Any chance you could post up some pictures to we can all see?
Personally, I'm interested.

SSTD 737
Sim-Avionics v1.96
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Post by efpg0708 »

Hi guys. Will take some pics as soon as I can. It feels very weird, during approach you can't even see the runway due to the very high zoom ...

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