PRO-MX and MX series - what are the differences

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PRO-MX and MX series - what are the differences

Post by sri777 »

Wondering what are the differences between PRO-MX and MX series 737 MCP and EFIS Units? Is MX series the same as the ones used in JETMax Line?

Are these (MX and PRO-MX) compatible out-of-box with Project Magenta?


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Pro-MX level products are all developed for our full trainers. We sell many of them separately and see a lot of our enthusiast customers eager to procure.
The MX line of products was developed (lots more on the way) to fit between what we did with JetMax and the high end FDS Pro-MX product line.
Affordability is a big element with MX.
One of the big differences between MX and Pro-MX is in our panels.
We are very well known for our "IBL" backlit panels. The Pro-MX panels use real aircraft panel bulbs. Not sure people realize the cost involved in using that level of realism....
the MX product line has been developed with affordability in mind and has LED decided for backlighting. We still use all our expertise in panel construction to deliver super consistent lighting across the panels.
One of the other huge elements you will see with Pro-MX products are our FDS-EM1 switches. These are aircraft quality, heavy tactile switches. For our commercial customers and discerning enthusiasts these are a must. The EM1 switches are a $90 switch.
The 737, 747 and 777 Pro-MX MCPs all use the EM1 and all the complexities of integrating and connecting these pieces. High End.
The 737, 747 and 777 MX MCPs share the same features as the Pro-MX without the EM1 switches. Again, focus on affordable.
We did the same thing recently with our new FDS-B777-MX-Overhead. We released this earlier this year to great review.
(See the front page of our webpage, News section at the bottom of the page)
Fantastic new overhead for our 777 customers.
For the trainer side, the PRO-MX overhead has close to 60 EM1 switches... realism can be expensive.
Two very different applications and customers.
Our enthusiast customers are a big part of Flightdeck Solutions. The MX product line is our plan to keep in range as our commercial customers continually push us higher and higher these days.
Peter Cos
Flightdeck Solutions (FDS)

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