Flight Illusion Gauge experiences

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Flight Illusion Gauge experiences

Post by cmantel1 »

I thought I would throw this out there, but I have been populating my sim, esp. the OH with gauges from FI. Steve had suggestions on one of my other posts, which was great. However, so far I have had very little trouble to get them installed/mounted and make them work. The gauges are works of art! They work very well.

However, I would like to point out that even though you may not "see" the gauges show up in Sysboard controller, like I do, they are recognized and they do work as advertised. SB controller notes that it has recognized the GSA-055 CIM, but it cannot locate and identify ANY of the FI gauges. I can change the ID in the G-Step program that sets up the FI gauges, and I was told by Matthijs that these settings, along with backlight settings are "stored" in the gauge itself, not the software. As long as you set the ID correctly for what SimA SB controller is looking for, they WILL work anyway even if you cant "see" them in the SB controller window after doing a 'search' for them.

The only caveat I have with these lovely gauges is the "warm white" backlighting. I am so wondering if one could use some nail polish or paint of some sort and dab a bit of soft orange paint on them to get them to match the rest of the warm orange glow of the OH1 from FDS?? Has anyone tried?

so far, I have the EGT, Press Diff, Fuel Temp installed in the OH and the Flaps gauge on the MIP. They work beautifully. You will likely have to play around a bit wit the needle speed in the G-step program to make them move smoothly, but it can be done; one this note, faster is not better. I have found that about 3/4 max speed seems to make the needles move smoothly and at the proper rate to match the sounds and other enunciators (like the Flaps gauges).

I am nervous about the Bleed Air gauge though, as I have not yet tried to put it in. There is a large PCB right behind that one. I'll have to study it a bit to see the best solution to get it mounted.

The only other issue is that if you use the bezels that come with the FDS OH1, the gauges will be recessed about a cm further back than they should be. As soon as I get all them working, I will likely trim back the "screw holes" on the bezels and just use the round part of the bezel (with a few dabs of glue) to get the gauge face, wit it's plastic front cover as close to the opening as possible to the frame of the OH1. It may not be perfect, but they will work, and looks pretty good.

I would appreciate it if anyone has any suggestions from their experiences with FI gauges that they have installed in the FDS JM OH1. Thanks in advance.

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Post by PatSim »

Hi cmantel1
I've installed Flight Illusion Gauges also.

1. Yaw Damper was a hard install. Had to disassemble the gauge to drill out the proper screw holes. But it's installed and works with Sim-Avionics 1.7... Since the Yaw Damper only works with Auto Pilot its a great "Eye Candy" display but trying to figure out some kind of calibration with the Flight Illusion and Sim-Avionics software has not been possible.

2. The O.H. Cabin Air Temp Gauge was very easy. Everything lined up. Just need to tap plastic holes to 6/32"

I changed the SYSBoard Interface Config.ini file
[Flight Illusions]
Cabin_Temp.max =1771 (change default temp to 20C)

3. Cabin Climb / Pressure Altitude required small amount of modification but looks great.

All of the gauges installed besides the C/O & F/O Clocks work with Sim-Avionics v1.7..
Very Impressed and pleased with Flight Illusions & Sim-Avionics 1.7

NOW onto my questions?
1. Will Sim-Avionics v1.7 drive the Flight Illusions GSA-042N Wet Compass?

2. How does the Flight Illusions GSA-044 (Dual Needle) or GSA-014 (Single Needle) Flaps MIP Gauges fit into the FDS MIP. To me it looks like the LE FLaps Transit & LE Flaps Ext Lights below the FLAPS Gauge interfere with the Flight Illusions Flap Gauge?? Do I have to make a new sub-panel?

3. And will Sim-Avionics 1.70 drive both needles of the DUAL Flap Gauge?

4.Has anyone installed a GSA-029 O.H. Bleed Duct Pressure Gauge? To me it looks like the PCB of the Motor may butt up against to FDS OH Bleed Panel Circuit Board?

5. Fuel Temp & Brake Pressure Gauges are still in question, but that's enough confusion for now.
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