NVidia vs Matrox Triplehead 2 Go, Which is Better Way?

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NVidia vs Matrox Triplehead 2 Go, Which is Better Way?

Post by JeffC »


I want to use 3 - 55"or 60" TV's one straight in front and the other two at 45's for the OTW Views. I have saw other examples of this online and wanted to get some direction/opinions on nVidia triple setup vs the Matrox triplehead 2 go, if anyone can shed some technical and directional light would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks All
Jeff in St.Paul, MN

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Post by Jetcos »

If you are using an nVidia graphics card you can just use nVidia Surround to stretch the views across the 3 TV's. Lots of info out there on how to do it and also YouTube.
Steve Cos
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Post by Winstonc »

Hi Jeff,

Just checking that you are not intending to run your 3 views in 4k as neither NVidia or Matrox setups will be able to drive that. 1080p should be fine though.


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Post by Banananav »

Hi Jeff
I started with TH2Go but switched to nVidia Surround some years ago when I got an FSX optimised PC.
NVidia is easier to use, I think, and has an easy bezel correction which I find works well with some narrow bezel Benq monitors.
But with either system you get picture “stretch� on the outer monitors with both FSX and P3D v4, which I am using.
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