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Post by mitsuboyee »

I am lost, frustrated and just sadden, I am unable to get XPLANE 11 working with SA. I have followed the direction listed on some of the treads but there are lots of differences.

So SA connects nicely - Aircraft used EADT X737-800 BBJ2

Problem #1.
Throttles are stuck at 20% sometime 60% and they will not increase pass 60%. I am using a Saitek model.

Problem #2
Lights do not work when toggled

Problem #3
Doors do not respond to SA

PLEASE help me get off the ground, my email and FB contact are below

FB - HD Henry

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Post by Michael_B767_ATP »


There are a few of us working on Xplane, it is proving to be a difficult lady to work with. I'm sure part of the issues are growing pains rolling over from FSX/P3D.

Your answers may not come so quick, but rest assured there are some of us that will not stop until this is working. I know for myself its been over a month now. for others it may be even longer.

I am working on the lights issue as I type this. The throttle issue I've seen due to the low/high idle numbers in Planemaker.

Try this if your throttles don't operate and are stuck at 20%. Use your reversers to rev up the engines past 23% then let them settle back to idle. If you have the same issue as I had, they should now stop above 20% and they should work.

I know it is a frustrating task getting Xp to work, but we'll get there!

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Post by Winstonc »

Yep, welcome to the club.


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Post by Michael_B767_ATP »


If you don't want to keep using the reversers to get your engines up and running, you could make a change to the EADT aircraft via Xplane Maker.

Kick up the high idle a couple of points.

Once you open plane maker, go to the following sub menu

Standard/System Specs

It's under General Engine Specs

Sim-A Door Logic works via the Anti-Collision light switch on the overhead, as long as you have it setup in the server.

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