Anders Engine Starter and FDS-SXS-1 X

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Anders Engine Starter and FDS-SXS-1 X

Post by flypit »

Hello everybody,

I have the Anders Starter switch from swerige. My selfmade-overhead is almost done. I have now installed these and programmed the 4 positions in the InterfaceIT software of FDS. All 4 positions (GND-OFF-CONT-FLT) are detected. All other switches and announciators work very good also. The FDS-SXS-1 X is completly wired. I am very glad.

But now my question for the last little problem (I hope so): how or where is the relay for the pop-back to "OFF" on my FDS-SXS 1 X controlled ?? Is it an exit? Or is it not realizable here and you have to hold on by hand until the engine starts up ? That works. What I must do ??

I have not found the answer in the forum. Mainly the people work with ProSim or Sim Avionics. I hope so some people can give me an answer...

Best regards



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Post by baw028 »

Hi Flypit,

I also have the Anders Start switches they work very well. To get the solenoids to work you will need a relay board. I use the FDS-SYS- R1X. Don't forget to use the supplied diodes that came with the switches on the relay connections.
If you need any help let me know.


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