Alternate airport question

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Alternate airport question

Post by fox956 »

Hi Mark,

I have a question about the Alternate airport display on the ND display. Prior to the Sim-A v 1.931 I am now using, if APT was selected on the EFIS when flying a route and there was an alternate airport with the range selected on the EFIS for the ND, a "A" was showing in the circle of the location of the airport ( which I am assuming was to show an Alternate airport ). Now with this v1.931 I no longer have this indication, but instead I get a flashing "A" inside the airport circle. This flashing of the "A" doesn't have a set rate, it may flash a few times in a few seconds and\or then flash again 15 - 30 seconds later, there isn't any consistency to the times or rate this "A" flashes. If there are several airports on the ND display, each airport, again I'm assuming if they are an alternate, will flash with this "A" and those which aren't an alternate don't flash.

Has this "A" being removed from this newer Sim-A version or do I have a problem with something in the Navigation section of Sim-A?

Has anyone else noticed this?

I'm using P3Dv4.4, Win 10 Home, Sim-A v1.931.


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Post by MarkHastings »

hmm I hadn't noticed that....
Just checked it and it looks like I caused that to happen when I reorganized some code.:roll:
It's fixed and will be in 1.94.
Mark Hastings
Software Developer

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