12v LEDs used in sixpack

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12v LEDs used in sixpack

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One simple question, can the SYS board handle 4 pcs of 12v LED outputs and 5v LED outputs without using any DC to DC converter

I know that FDS LED’s used for the annunciators are 2,6-2,8v
The power supply is 12v for the SYS board so in my mind it should be ok as long as i dont push to much amps throught the SYS board


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In one word... NO

The SYSCard uses Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and there really is no high voltage supplied to the LED's. The LED's must be the same as the ones we use in the AN1 and EM1's. All low voltage LED's.

The 12V power to the card is to run the chips and supply power for the LED's but the voltage is dropped from the supplied 12V. You won't even find any voltage at the LED pins.
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