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Sim-A Compatibility

Post by sacrayton »

Reading release notes and presentation of the new 737Max Sim-A software, if I understand correctly, any hardware peripherals that can connect to the flight simulator (P3Dv4) via FSUIPC, is compatible with Sim-A. As an example: Sim-A makes no note regarding the center pedestal gauges. COM/NAV, Transponder, WX Radar, etc. If I were to build a center pedestal with I/O cards that can communicate with P3Dv4 via FSUIPC, everything should work? And I assume that the same would be for TQ, FWD and AFT OVHD as well. Just pulling straws here.


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Post by MarkHastings »


Yes you are able to assign FSUIPC offsets to input/output functions in the Server.
The assignments are held in \Server\FSUIPC_IO.ini (Also editable via the FSUIPC I/O Interface tab on the Server)

For example in the IO file you would assign any spare offsets to functions :

The FSUIPC inputs must be enabled via the checkbox on the Server Control Panel Tab.

The Server will then monitor the values in the assigned offsets.
So if the value in x5300 = 1 the Fuel pump will switch ON

The Radios and XPNDR freqs can be interfaced with P3D in the usual way. Nothing special is required there.
Just a few additional functions - like the TCAS Mode etc.

Outputs are assigned in a similar way :

The Server would populate the assigned offset with a 1 or 0 for the annunciator and "your" software would monitor the value and set the light accordingly.
Note : you can assign full offsets or particular bits in the offset to a function.
Mark Hastings
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Post by sacrayton »


Thank you very much for the reply. I look forward to further guidance from you and the FDS team.



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