OEM Glideslope P-Inhibit Korry usage

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OEM Glideslope P-Inhibit Korry usage

Post by Kattz »

I have the NG OEM G/S P-INHIBIT korry switches for my sim.

I am using 5VDC LED bulbs in place of the 28VDC incandescent units.

What is the suggested wiring for these units, and can the controller in use for the FDS AN-1 units push the LED power for the 5VDC LEDs?

Using Pro-Sim 737, this korry function is enabled in the software.

Any suggestions helpful and appreciated!

Also, Steve or Peter, if you see this, would you please be so kind as to PM the AN-1 assy manual to me? I have ?'s regarding assy of the double bright units in the overheads.



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