Upgrades to the FS PC

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Upgrades to the FS PC

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Hi everyone,

So, after some time I am thinking of doing some upgrades to my FS PC. At the moment it has an Intel 6700K CPU 4.0GHz with 4 cores 8 threads that is connected to an Asus Maximus VIII Extreme Motherboard with 1080Ti.

I am thinking of upgrading it to Intel i9-9900K 5.0GHz with 8 cores 16 threads that will be mated to an Asus Maximus XI Extreme motherboard.

What are your opinions? Do you think they will be enough or should I go for something else? What about water cooling or air cooling, which one is better?

I use P3D v4.4 with airports, AS16, ASCA, REX SkyForce3D, ENVSHADE and live real-world traffic. The current issue I am suffering from is unstable FPS and huge drops in big cities like Istanbul but rural areas and cruse are fine with 60FPS.

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