PMDG 737-800

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PMDG 737-800

Post by gsumner »

I fancy buying a 737-800 from PMDG and using it with my JetMax. Has anyone managed to get them working together. Is therea guide on how to do this anywhere.


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Post by MichaelYSSY »


Good luck with that.
I asked a similar question a while back.
The answer I got back then was that Sim Avionics is not will not work with PMDG.
There is however a program available that will let you use some of the FDS hardware with PMDG.

I downloaded that program from the SimA download section but never did try to set it up. I got sort of confused as to how I would set up all the displays? I have these set up on networked computers away for Flight Sim Program, not really sure if PMDG can be networked?

It all got too confusingly difficult so I just gave up.

Let me know if you make anything of it.

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Post by pcos »

Sim-Avionics is a complete network capable avionics package that simulates the aircraft.... (as you know)...
PMDG is a complete aircraft add package that integrates into P3D....
Big difference...
As great as PMDG is as an add on, it was never designed to be used in the way Sim-A is. Purpose design for what we are all doing here.
I always used the expression; “getting off the desk�... likely 90% of our customers came our way after years of flying PMDG and enjoying all the systems and intricacies... it is the perfect product for that.
It’s much like the CBT Training pilots have prior to actual sim time...
Peter Cos
Flightdeck Solutions (FDS)

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