Flightdeck Solutions 737NG to Xplane 11 Conversion - DONE !!

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Flightdeck Solutions 737NG to Xplane 11 Conversion - DONE !!

Post by Michael_B767_ATP »

Hi Everyone,

The pedestal is complete and that means the deck conversion is finished. :D :D :D

I'll get a video of the pedestal up and running shortly, been pushing real hard the last few session to get her done... Feeling a bit beat up right now.

Once I get the pedestal video up, I'll start the deck cold and dark and run all the way through securing the aircraft on the back end.

I never thought this day would arrive, thanks Duncan.

Note: None of this would of been possible with out two programs. The first is called fdstoxp and is available via xplane's web site. The second program unfortunately is no longer available, it's called ZHSI.

If you're lucky enough to have downloaded ZHSI when it was available, you could be up and running in xplane11 via scripts.

Also Note: The fdstoxp scripts are setup for the zibo 737NG, they can be altered to fit any aircraft... But some editing will be required by the end user. The Zibo mod plugins folder has not be altered in any way, other than adding the fdstoxp scripts.

Feel like a kid at Christmas time. :D :D :D :D

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