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Post by Michael_B767_ATP »

Hi Jack,

Thanks, I did have a small (very small) hand in the mix.... But most of the credit goes to Mongoose and Pikitanga, without their hard work and dedication none of this would be possible.

I'm just amazed that my tinkering is over, it's been a blast flying at night.

Loving every minute of it.

Thanks Jack

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Post by PatSim »

I’ve got all my Flight Illusion Gauges for MIP & Fwd OH working in X-Plane 11 with F.I. Software and script from Duncan White (Piktanga -AVSIM).
Thanks to Duncan & Capt. Mike for getting my DSTD flying in X-Plane.
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Post by sacrayton »

It will be interesting to see what you do with Flight Simulator 2020!


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Post by Michael_B767_ATP »


It really depends on what they bring to the table. I remember their last release that contained an artists rendition of the product (mountains, water, clouds, sky) the end result wasn't even CLOSE to what was shown in those renditions.

I've seen MS2020 videos and pictures, they look very impressive.

However, it's not like the old days. I also have the ability (via Ortho4XP) to take real world images and convert them for sim use (for free).

Have a look at Orthro4XP at LZ17, this is not one of my videos but it will give you the idea on whats achievable right now.


That brings me to a few questions about MS2020.... How much is the software going to cost? will it be subscription based? stream type availability to the masses? will their content be stored on our computers temporally while in use and will we be required to be online constantly getting the areas we want to fly? will we have the option to download the entire united states for instance and keep it stored. MOST IMPORTANTLY- will the aircraft fly like it's on rails? how long will we have to wait for a really good 737ng once this product is released? are there vendors working on this already behind closed doors?

Keep in mind, It's not just the interface that needs to be developed. We need a real good airliner to go with it!!!

To be honest I haven't checked on any of these questions. I think it's a bit early.

After initial release you'll have the normal growing pains of a new product that will more than likely (if the past has taught us anything) take a few revisions to iron out. One will also have to wait on compatibility, we had to wait for Tekworx ("these guys are the best") to fix one or two things for XP11 use.

Then it comes down to how much (if we the little people can't make a hardware/software interface) for something like SimA. I would not expect this new interface/aircraft to be available for free... Everyone's gotta eat.

Also a side note about FDS compatibility via scripts in XP11. Once these were all worked out, there has been Z E R O tinkering required. Just one of the reasons I've been able to spend so much time on my night lighting effects for XP.

I almost forgot.... Maybe because I was blocking this from memory on purpose :lol: :lol: :lol: . How will new re-installs go? I remember spending days and days and days putting stuff back. With XP I can copy the entire folder into a new computer, enter my new product key(s) and I'm up and running.

Time will certainly tell... But with what I have available right now, I'm in no hurry to move on. This is by far the best flight simming experience I've had/have in my entire life... and I go back to Microsoft for the Tandy 1000 computer from Radio Shack. That''s before the internet. and that's not funny because that means I'm old. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I've been flight simming for so long, I ran Transcontinental BBS (a flight sim bulletin board service) before the internet was invented. Yeah, I'd say I'm addicted to the virtual skies. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I hope MS2020 is the best thing ever, that means we all win as simmers. Because when it's all said and done... I'm a platform jumper, if you're not the best and I have the ability to jump ship.... see ya! All that matters to me is my sim experience and that means I gravitate to the best. Guess that's why I choose FDS for my simming needs, no-one comes close to their quality and tech support.

"See you in the virtual skies my friend"

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Post by MichaelYSSY »

Hey Mike

Good wrap up on MFS2020 (yea, some of your questions have already been answered, the simple ones).
But also as indicated, way to early to speculate.
For me? what I have seen so far I am eager to try it out but people will have to make their own choices "when" the product is released.

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Thanks Mike. Great post and appreciate the support!
Peter Cos
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