Flaps.wav doesn't play?

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Flaps.wav doesn't play?

Post by HowardChristian »

Using the Sim-A Sound Client I'm trying to get the Flaps.wav file to activate but it won't work for me.
Mark said that it should play when flaps are >15

As I transition thru the flaps the Flaps1.wav, Flaps2.wav & Flaps3.wav activate ok.
But when I reach Flaps 25, Flaps.wav (which is more like a flaps wind sound) should activate but all I get is the Description "Play Flaps Sound" but it doesn't display the filename or actually play it.

The Sound Client's window shows Playing Flaps Sound. Which is exactly what I expect. But I hear no sound.

Howard C.

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Re: Flaps.wav doesn't play?

Post by Jetcos »

Try downloading the latest Sounds File and check it again. You may have an older version? Then we can look into it.
Steve Cos
Vice President and Tech Support
Flightdeck Solutions (FDS)

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