Our Trainers

Our vast customer list includes names like: Boeing, Honeywell, CAE, ECA Faros, FAA, and iPilot.

Case Studies

Jet-liner on runway


Omni 777
Pilot training programs can be one of the most expensive elements (after the actual aircraft!) for any airline. Omni Airlines had the challenge of introducing the B777 into their fleet and having to find an efficient way to convert their pilots over. The FDS-B777-FBPT was brought into play and with several major upgrades has been in use with Omni in their new internal pilot training program. Talk to FDS about your training needs.

Student in trainer

Flight School

Air Venture Flight Center
Air Venture approached FDS regarding the feasibility of using a FDS-A320-FBPT for training A320/321 cadets on the type. With certified devices nearby being booked and very expensive, Air Venture looked to FDS to deliver a cost effective training tool to bring their students up to a high level of readiness in time for their Aircraft Type Certification.

Trainer interior


iPilot Airliner Experiences
iPilot, with multiple locations across the globe needed a highly reliable range of airliner simulators. FDS rose to the occasion delivering not only the trainers that have proven to be able to withstand the heavy day to day use but managed the support levels that were required. One of the toughest challenges in the Entertainment field is the many hours of use these pieces experience. FDS products have proven to stand up. If a Flight Experience styled business is part of your plan, talk to FDS about making that a reality!

Pilots in trainer


Aviation enthusiasts with a penchant for the ultimate simulation experience have looked to Flightdeck Solutions to deliver. Our own passion for aviation has been a key driver in all of our products. One of our customers from Las Vegas for example, wanted a complete B777 FBPT in his home. Delivered. One of our customers in Buffalo, New York wanted to extend his Desktop Simulation from the desk to a completely immersive experience and chose the FDS-B737NG-FBPT. He later returned for a super high end Single seat B777 device! If you have the passion, we have the product!

Exterior of trainer under construction


Flightdeck Solutions has worked closely with companies like Boeing, BAE as well as Federal Agencies like the FAA to supply high fidelity development devices. FDS is uniquely positioned to deliver on a wide range of components and mock-ups.

Why Choose Flightdeck?

  • We Deliver

    on-time and on-budget.

    We know that behind every order is a project or business plan that only works when we deliver as promised. We treat every order with that in mind.

  • We Support

    our products long after delivery.

    The phone is answered at FDS. Dedicated technical support specialists on hardware and software are part of the “package” at FDS. Email and “on line” support are just a few of the ways we make sure you know we are always part of the solution, not just the sale.

  • We Listen

    to your feedback to make our product and service better.

    Working with some of the industries finest means we have to bring our “A” game to everything we do. Customer feedback for us is essential in our process and a big part of how we aim higher.

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