For well over two decades Flightdeck Solutions (FDS) founder, Peter Cos has been passionate about the world of flight simulation. This passion has driven every aspect of Flightdeck Solutions.

A hand picked, highly skilled and dedicated group of people make up the team at FDS. They “Listen, Understand, Create and Deliver” to provide a “one stop shop” for all your flight simulation needs.

From complete fixed-base Flight Training Devices (FTDs) with both dual and single seat options, right down to the smallest components, FDS has built a reputation for high quality and detail in every aspect of the simulation experience.

FDS is often called upon by some of the largest aviation companies to provide engineering and manufacturing as an OEM supplier. When companies like Boeing, Honeywell and CAE trust their reputation to FDS to develop their high end components you know you are dealing with the very best.

At Flightdeck Solutions we build sophisticated FTDs (Flight Training Devices) along with all the components that go into them.  We help major airlines and thousands of pilots worldwide to excel at their jobs, and provide specialty custom-build devices to various members of the aerospace and aviation supply chain.

A common passion for aviation keeps us motivated, and we are immensely proud to contribute towards the highest standards of safety and quality training within the industry.

“Every product that leaves our shop floor is hand-crafted with unmatched passion and utmost love for the aerospace simulation industry. This passion has been continually rewarded by our wonderful customers over the years. 

Our staff is relentlessly innovative, helping FDS develop proprietary technologies to achieve real-life aircraft cockpit environments while offering unprecedented pricing capabilities. 

We aim to continue excelling at providing innovative flight simulation products for a wide range of demanding customers."

- Peter Cos, CEO, FDS


We are driven by passion for aviation. Our highly enthusiastic team of creators who dedicate their efforts towards building the best flight simulator products, are our true driving force.