FDS-B737NG-FTD / Simulator

The FDS-B737NG-FTD is a full scale representation of the aircraft’s flight deck layout and covers the various primary sections including: Instrument Panel, Glare Shield, Aisle Stand, Primary and Aft Overhead as well as Flight Controls, Shell/Interior and Crew/Observer Seating.


Flightdeck Solutions 2022 Flight Training Device Brochure






Our Proprietary Modular Nose Section design has been a core part of our full FTDs for over a decade.  Our nose sections are modular, allowing them to be set up in an average room, and be brought in through a normal sized door.  

The PRO-M series Modular Nose section resolves all of the previous issues faced by “old technology” level of simulation and realism.


  • All Metal Design (Aluminum)
  • Developed from the Actual Aircraft modelled
  • Easily shipped in a small and affordable carton 
  • Super accurate window shapes to create the perfect B737NG Setup
  • Assembles in a few hours with basic tools

In keeping with the 100% tactile approach FDS takes with all of our devices, the 737 Throttle Quadrant becomes a critical element.  Pilots are very “Hands On” with certain elements in the flightdeck and the TQ is certainly one of them.

The FDS-B737NG/MAX TQ was designed to deliver near perfect to the real aircraft and features fully motorized levers with ultra-smooth movement across the levers full range, motorized trim wheels with variable speeds and retractable handle, full scale IBL panel set and accurate flap detents and tactile feel in the flap lever.

An Ethernet Interface system allows for high speed communication to and from the various devices.  This, coupled with our proprietary “Closed Loop” design, means we can deliver high levels of accuracy on the functionality side.  As real as it gets and 100% tactile.

Our TQs are available in the MAX or NG configuration.

FDS PRO-MX Series MCP/EFIS units are used solely in our high-level projects.
Designed for heavy use and focused on the heavy tactile feel found onboard
the Real aircraft.


  • FDS Proprietary IBL Series Panel (Real Aircraft Bulbs)
  • FDS-EM1 Pro Level Switches (Quad LED/Custom Legends/Heavy Tactile Feel)
  • White 7 Segment Displays
  • Functional Bank Angle Selector (Heavy Tactile Feel)
  • Solenoid driven A/T Toggle
  • Custom FDS Interface with available API

Tactile training means “hands on” for the pilots.  While system training is critical, some hands on control flying helps push the curriculum well past standard IPT/Touch screen devices.

Flightdeck Solutions uses real aircraft yokes and columns coupled to proprietary static loading devices. Developing finely tuned muscle memory means having everything in its place.  Precisely.

Higher level requirements can include optional control loading elements to even further enhance the variable forces experienced in the real aircraft.


  • Real Aircraft Yokes (B737)
  • Real Aircraft Columns
  • Real Aircraft Stick Shakers
  • Proprietary Mechanical Devices
  • Adjustable Rudder Pedals
  • Accurate Steering Tiller

Our trainers are designed to accommodate FDS manufactured Aircraft Crew Seats. One pair of Aircraft Crew Seats are included with all of our FDS-FTD devices.

Cockpit entry is made easy via a J-Rail rail system.  The system allows the seat to slide back and off to the side giving the pilot extra space for entry.  Headrests are included.


  • Electronic vertical seat adjustment to 4”
  • Built-in fully adjustable back support with pneumatic control
  • Genuine lambswool seat covers offer greater comfort & durability
  • Functional armrests that adjust for height
  • J-Rails (shown) make for easy entry into the cockpit

FDS works closely with a wide array of customers and is able to Develop and/or Supply many custom elements over and above our standard FTDs.  Some of the custom elements we're often asked for include:

  • Instructor Stations
  • Entry Stairs/Ramps
  • Custom Wheels/Lifts
  • Rack Mount Computers/Hardware

Talk to us about your requirements!

FDS IBL (Integrated BackLighting) series panels deliver high on realistic appearance, super consistent lighting across the panels, and long term performance. FDS is the only company utilizing true IBL and it shows!


  • Accurate Appearance and super long lifespan
  • Machined Components
  • Machined Printed Circuit Boards
  • Metal Backing Panels
  • DZUS compatible
  • Accurate 6mm Top panels
  • Computer Matched Paint

Professional Avionics Software is the core of any respectable simulation. FDS works closely with the finest Avionics Suppliers to ensure maximum capability of the devices offered. 

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