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EASA Certified FDS FTD helps Sweden’s leading Pilot Training Institute elevate their MCC/MPL Program.

Svensk Pilotutbildning AB is a recognized Flight Training Organization in Sweden offering private license certification and multi-engine pilot pathway programs towards a career in commercial aviation. The client required an approved device that dramatically sped up a cadet’s transition to the flightdeck of one of the most popular narrow-body aircraft in the world.

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FDS proudly works with many Flight Schools throughout the world, including:

AirVenture Flight Center
Erah Aviation Academy
PRAAT Escuela De Vuelo
Simcrew Training
Simulation Flight
Svensk Pilotutbildning

FNPT2/MCC EASA-Certified FDS-A320-FTD at Svensk Pilotutbildning AB, Sweden.

"This trainer gives the school the ability to prepare cadets at a very high level in a true airliner environment as they focus on their Multi Crew Certification (MCC/MPL) Program."

Peter Cos | CEO, Flightdeck Solutions

Why Flight Schools choose FDS Flight Simulators:

  • Professional-grade equipment
  • Superior quality devices at budget-sensitive prices
  • Hyper-realistic reproduction of major airports, airliners and flight paths
  • Highly authentic flight deck emulation
  • Ready to meet FAA and EASA Certification
  • Built in Canada

How FDS empowers Flight Schools to grow their business:

  • FDS-FTDs are well-suited to a demanding training curriculum
  • Support broad range training needs
  • Offer requisite simulation hour credits
  • Reduce a turbine transition learning curve
  • Expose students to a sophisticated flightdeck and glass cockpit
  • Increase student-intake with sophisticated Airbus and Boeing trainers

Example implementations of Flightdeck Solutions academic trainers:

Images: Flightdeck Solutions' FDS-A320-FTD trainer with instructor station at Cockpit4U, Berlin, Germany.

Video: Flightdeck Solutions' B737MAX-FTD and B787-FTD, shortly after installation at a private North American flight school.

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Flightdeck Solutions has helped flight schools enhance their robust curriculum and delivery of advanced flight training. We are empowering ab-initio flight training providers by increasing access to high quality, cost-sensitive flight training devices.

Our aircraft simulator solutions are successfully facilitating airline quality instruction on advanced equipment, at leading flight schools worldwide. With numerous budget-friendly solutions and financing options, we are on a mission to help flight schools provide the highest level of training and instruction. Our fixed-base procedural trainers offer the Jetliner Experience at less than the cost of a single-engine Cessna.

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