Require an Out-of-the-box solution? Have unique specifications? Hyper-specialized need? FDS has you covered.

Having won the prestigious USAF Strategic Air Refueling Tanker project, Boeing wanted to take the new KC-46A on the road to offer pilots and defense personnel a first-hand flying experience.

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Just a few Commercial Partners who chose FDS for their businesses:

Why FDS is a preferred partner

  • Custom-built products and structures
  • Sophisticated machined components
  • Research-driven innovation
  • Designed to specification
  • Best-in-class quality
  • Affordable solutions

Benefits of partnering with FDS

  • Complex turnkey solutions delivered
  • Rich proprietary knowledge-base
  • A seamless external operational team
  • Focus on relationships, not another sale
  • Products fine-tuned to individual business needs
  • Simulators fit into any floor-plan

One size doesn’t always fit all!

Flightdeck Solutions has been a go-to supplier for concept cockpit ideas and VIP programs. As with any custom project, working with a fiscally responsible budget is an essential aspect of having a concept come to fruition. Talk to us about your requirements and we will be happy to work with you and help you navigate the highly complex world of flight deck avionics and bring your project to life.

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