Elite VIP Client

Client Challenge

One of world's leading airframe manufacturers develops highly customized planes for their VIP clients. Every component on the flight deck of these airplanes undergoes intensive research, development and testing before deployment. A fully functional demonstrator device was essential to experiment with incorporating advanced features and controls into the flight deck. 

The simulator had to offer real-world fidelity and emulate pilot feedback with maximum authenticity. The manufacturer needed a trustworthy, proven partner to deliver a quality product while upholding confidentiality.

FDS Solution/Approach

Flightdeck Solutions won the contract to build the flight deck mock-up that would serve as the sandbox for systems development. The airframer had chosen a wide-body aircraft as the platform for the turnkey solution.

FDS quickly familiarized itself with the specific technical requirements of the program. Based on the development timelines of the project, FDS envisioned a flexible, modular, reconfigurable flightdeck capable of advanced retro-fits, and rapid instrument swaps.

Flightdeck Solutions proved its capabilities by delivering top-quality cockpit simulator with made-to-scale flight controls meeting precise, complex specifications. Driven by a passion for delivering intelligent engineering solutions, FDS pushes the boundaries of aviation simulator innovation.


FDS delivered the wide-body aircraft simulator with the turnkey cockpit configuration within aggressive project timelines. The demonstrator hosted product tests throughout the development process of the VIP aircraft and helped achieve mission-critical milestones.

The success of the device has strengthened the confidence and relationship with not only the aviation manufacturer but has resulted in valuable partnerships within the flight deck research & development/prototyping domain.

FDS continues to work with numerous classified and elite VIP programs, assisting in the development of components, mock-ups and device platforms that accelerate R&D, as well as function as promotional demonstrators.

"Flightdeck Solutions, led by Peter and Steve Cos, embodies what an ideal procurement should look like - open and honest communication, innovative solutions, a can-do spirit that overcomes seemingly insurmountable barriers, and customer focus unmatched in the industry."

P.H. | Sr. Manager (retired), Boeing Defense, Space & Security