Here are a few of our College and University clients:

Auburn University
Civil Aviation University of China
City University London
Cranfield University
Cypress College
Embry Riddle
Trident Technical College

Why FDS is the ideal choice for educators:

  • Airline-standard flight simulators
  • Built-to-scale trainers
  • Economically viable
  • Future skills development
  • High-fidelity systems training
  • Ready to meet FAA and EASA Certifications

How FDS Flight Simulators can help students excel:

  • Comprehensive aviation program curriculum
  • Prepare for complex industry demand
  • Rigorous scenario and aircraft training
  • Mapped to real-world pilot challenge
  • Seamless transition to major airliner cockpit
  • Career pathways training

"A spatially-correct environment with real buttons, knobs, switches, and levers are the tactile interface that helps cadets internalize complex aircraft procedures.  Fostering a high level of familiarity with an airliner cockpit gives graduates a great advantage as they transition to real aircraft."

Peter Cos   |   CEO, Flightdeck Solutions

Less than the cost of a single-engine Cessna

Airliner Flight Training shouldn’t be prohibitive for you or your students. FDS has the most authentic fixed-base procedure trainers (FTD) that accurately represent the airliner standards critical to the flight training programs at colleges and universities. By utilizing FDS airline simulators to their full potential, recent graduates can gain the requisite skills to excel in their positions within the airlines, corporate operators and the military.

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