It is estimated that 804,000 Pilots are required worldwide by 2038

Flightdeck Solutions is a proud and active contributor to the aviation sector, specifically in the domain of flightdeck training. Every product, component and training device is crafted with a passion enabling flight training institutions and students to maximize their fullest potential.

  • Do you treat your profession with utmost professionalism?
  • Do you like to take your training in your own hands?
  • Do you like to go beyond the basics?

If you answered yes to any of those questions Flightdeck Solutions can help.

"The aviation industry and flight training in particular can be financially demanding. We firmly believe that training solutions can be highly effective without being cost-prohibitive, and that cost should not be a deterrent for the quality of training you aspire to deliver.  We build our trainers with your economic realities in mind."

Peter Cos  |  CEO, Flightdeck Solutions

Who can benefit from FDS-FTD devices:

  • Professional Pilots pursuing continuous excellence training beyond SOPs
  • Pilot Instructors keen on staying current on the latest standards
  • Student-cadets preparing for a challenging pilot career
  • College and Universities looking to reinforce future-ready aviation courses
  • Providers exploring Pilot Pathway Program partnerships
  • Flight Schools, Aviation Institutes aiming to bolster student intake

FDS is one of the leading manufacturers of advanced flight decks for professional pilots across the globe. Flightdeck Solutions builds full tactile, highly immersive, spatially accurate flight-deck designs that truthfully reflect the real-world working environment.

We have solutions for any budget, talk to us and let us know your requirements!

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