Here are a few of our Pathway Programs clients:

Auburn University
University of Nebraska Omaha
Civil Aviation University of China
City University London
Cranfield University
Cypress College
Embry Riddle
Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Trident Technical College
Western Michigan University

How Pathway Programs leverage FDS Flight Trainers:

  • Augment ATPL curriculum with advanced simulators
  • Attract quality student-cadets serious about aviation careers
  • Showcase rigorous airliner-standard training capabilities
  • Skills development to match demanding industry benchmarks
  • Customize aircraft systems synced to the airline partner ecosystem

Image: Flightdeck Solutions' FDS-A320-FTD trainer at Auburn University, a pathway program partner for the Delta Airlines Propel Program.

Why FDS FTDs are the best Pathway Program flight trainer solutions:

  • Built under the guidance of industry subject-matter-experts
  • Configurable intensive skills training at par with major airlines
  • Realistic jetliner flightdeck to reduce learning gaps
  • Ready to meet FAA and ESA Certification
  • Sophisticated trainers at revolutionary prices

“Working with a prestigious facility like Auburn gives us a great deal of pride.”

Peter Cos, President – Flightdeck Solutions

Win Pathway program partnerships with FDS trainers.

Major national and regional airlines are committing to strong relationships with premier flight training programs to effectively staff their flightdecks with highly trained, competent pilots. These partnerships offer direct-access to quality hiring pools of aviation professionals, aiding airlines to address the growing demand for pilots and technical staff. Flight training institutions have to prove their infrastructure capabilities to support the quality assurance matrix expected by the airlines to win and retain these invaluable partnerships.

Flightdeck Solutions is a leading supplier of critical tools and airliner standard simulators at revolutionary industry prices. If you are partnered with a leading pilot pathway program or seeking to win a partnership, talk to us about enhancing your training infrastructure.

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