The FDS-B737NG-NS6-LINER package was designed to accurately present the interior surfaces of the actual aircraft. Part of the FDS "immersion experience" means delivering the correct cosmetic and spatial environment of the B737NG and B737MAX. Our NS6 Nose Sectional has proven quite popular and these liner components solidify the package making it the "Go to" design for the serious, detail oriented customers who look to FDS for Value and Innovation.


  • Precision Tooling For Accurate Shapes
  • Accurate Material for the proper cosmetic look and feel
  • Proprietary FDS Engineering And Design Techniques
  • Hardware And Bracket Kit with Instructions
  • Small Shipping Carton
  • Pre-Trimmed and Installation Ready


  • FDS Interior Liners are only sold for use with an FDS Shell Unit.
  • Feel free to email for any questions you may have on the availability, Freight Quotes or general inquiries.
  • The NS6 Interior Liner Set is not currently sold in separate pieces.
  • Normal Lead Time: 2 - 3 weeks

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