A Practical and Affordable Solution to Realistic Cockpit Training and Simulation. True Scale, All Metal Assembly and Precision Touch provide a very realistic A320 experience. Expandable to include a stand alone Pedestal, Overhead and much much more!


  • True Scale - would fit dimensionally into a real A320 cockpit
  • Sturdy Metal Framework and Assembly
  • Precise and Realistic Integrated Backlit Panels (IBL)
  • FDS-FCU-320 Flight Control Unit and Capt/FO EFIS(USB Plug and Play)
  • FDS-Glare Interface
  • FDS-SYS4XT System Interface Board/Software
  • Realistic Replica FDS-A320 Landing Gear
  • All Panel Annunciators, Switches, Rotaries - Function Capable
  • Replica A320 Control Knobs
  • Includes All LCD Displays (Custom FDS LCDs)
  • Universal Mounting Frames for LCD Panels (PFD, ND, EICAS)

Normal Lead Time: 8 - 10 weeks

FDS IBL Series Backlit Panels
FDS proprietary design Built In Backlit Panels for the ultimate in realism. Uses real Aircraft bulbs!

FDS-EM1 Switches
For the Highest level Tactile Feel we use our finest aircraft switches. The FDS-EM1. Quad LED, Blind when off, Heavy Feel.

Only the best for our DSTD setups. Designed for our FTDs the PRO-MX series FCU and EFIS units delivery high on realism and functions.

Under Glare Lighting
Real lighting give the FDS DSTD a super appearance.

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