For our Pro-Level Customers we offer True Scale, Fully Assembled, PCB Design for the A320 Flight Control Unit w/ Dual EFIS featuring FDS Exclusive Signature "IBL" Panels (Integrated Backlighting) and proprietary FDS G3 Glare Interface Card (PnP w/AST).


  • High Quality Professionally Made PC Board Design
  • White Seven Segment Displays
  • All Metal Enclosure
  • NEW Accurate Push/Pull Encoders with Custom Designed Mechanisms
  • NEW Baro and 100/1000 Selectors
  • NEW Includes our FDS-G3 Interface Card (PnP)
  • NEW FDS Custom Produced Injection Molded Knobs
  • IBL Panel (Integrated Back Light)
  • Tinted Display Windows
  • NEW Injection Molded Keys with Dual Illumination
  • NEW Heavy Tactile Feel
  • NEW Locking Toggles for Accurate Look and Feel
  • Custom designed internal mechanisms designed to accurately reproduce the robust look and feel of the real aircraft FCU
  • Powder Coated Case

Normal Lead Time: 6 - 8 weeks

Accurate Push/Pull Mechanical Devices
Knowing the critical nature of the A320 Push/Pull design approach, FDS went to great lengths to create that real world heavy push/pull feel. Custom components deliver huge dividends in all our FCU mechanics.

Dual Illumination
New Custom Keys and devices bring a highly realistic Dual-Illumination design.

Baro and 100/1000 Selectors
New for the PRO-MX FCU/EFIS are the mechanical devices that allow accurate selection on top of the push/pull devices. Heavy tactile feel.

Integrated Backlit Panels (IBL)
The PRO-MX FCU/EFIS unit features our Proprietary IBL Series panels for the best available backlit panels.


We are presently out of stock on the FDS-A320-PRO-MX-FCU/EFIS, and have therefore paused the sale of this SKU for the foreseeable future.  Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

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