The PRO-MX series Rudder Pedals are derived from our development efforts in Fixed Based Training Units and as such are designed for heavy daily use. All metal design, machined components mean years of use. Accurate appearance and feel mean they blend perfectly into Professional or High End Enthusiast applications.


  • Cast Metal Foot Pedals
  • "Above Floor" Design (No platform required!)
  • Adjustable Position (Springloaded like the real aircraft design)
  • Linked Design (Link bar and mechanism included!)
  • FDS-FC1 USB PnP unit included and prewired
  • Stainless Steel Foot Plates
  • Functional Differential Braking
  • Functional Foot Rests with Rubber Inlays

Normal Lead Time: 4 - 6 weeks

"Just want to let you know that all parts arrived in perfect condition. The rudder pedals are indeed very, very well built and give a complete different steering feeling, especially around zero steering is much better, and high forces with extreme deflection. They also have a more realistic position than the FBS ones." - Michael

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