The new MAX version of the B737 is rolling out of the factory at Boeing and now here at FDS as well!

FDS designed this perfectly replicated device and it mates perfectly with new B737MX Sim-Avionics software (optional). Read on for more info!


  • Sturdy Aluminum Framework and Assembly
  • Industrial Powder Coated Finish
  • FDS High Level Engineering
  • FDS Proprietary IBL Series Panels (Integrated LED Backlight)
  • MX Series Mode Control Panel (Sim-Avionics)
  • MX Series EFIS Control Panels (EFIS2.0) Captain and First Officer (Sim-Avionics)
  • Custom FDS Interface Card
  • PRO-MX CDU with Color VGA Displays PnP (Backlit Keyboard)
  • Realistic FDS-B737MAX Landing Gear
  • Annunciators, Switches and Rotaries 
  • Replica B737NG Control Knobs
  • Universal Mounting Frames for LCD Panels (PFD, ND, EICAS)
  • INCLUDES All LCDs (4 x 15") (1 x ISFD)
  • Realistic Representation ISFD Hardware (Functional LCD)
  • Lighting Package Now included (Under Glare, Over MCP Lighting)
  • Prewired and tested prior to shipment
  • Accurate Under Glare Cover Panels

Normal Lead Time: 8 - 10 weeks


Our MX Series components are designed for the most discerning enthusiast and semi-pro customers. Super robust parts/design make the MCP/EFIS and CDUs the best of the best.

Built In Backlighting
FDS Proprietary MX Series LED backlighting delivers all you expect from Flightdeck Solutions. Realistic yet affordable. No work, simply plug in!

Our very popular PRO-MX CDU is included! Color VGA LCDs and an all metal design have made this the "go to" CDU in our industry!

The FDS-B737MAX-MX-DSTD is a "Ready to Fly" unit when computers and software are connected. Talk to us about SIM-A Avionics software packages and super simple computer configurations that get you flying and not needing an IT Specialist on staff! 



Fully Assembled (Just add Computers/Software)

Fully Plug and Play units with Computers/Software installed are available and can be quoted!

The FDS-B737MAX-MX is best suited for operation using Sim-Avionics software suites. Software is not included but available by way of Flightdeck Solutions. 

Crating and Shipping Costs are based on ship-To location/shipper/method

"IBL" and "Integrated Backlighting" are "Trade/Brand" names created By Flightdeck Solutions (FDS) to describe Flightdeck Solutions (FDS)products. IBL panels in name and Concept are the intellectual property of FDS and subject to trademark/copyright laws as governed by law.

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