The Next Generation version of the B737 has been one of the most popular single aisle aircraft in history. Our “MX Series” Overhead is designed to accurately portray this key element of the aircraft. Designed and Built primarily for our Enthusiast customers who want FDS Quality components but at a slightly more reachable price point, the MX delivers.


  • FDS High Level Engineering (Always!)
  • Sturdy Aluminum Framework and Assembly
  • Industrial Powder Coated Finish
  • FDS Proprietary IBL Series Panels (Integrated Backlight w/ LED Devices)
  • Tri-Color Light Grey Panels with Silk Screened Overlays (Super Accurate!)
  • Replica DZUS Fasteners (Highly Realistic Appearance)
  • Custom FDS Interface Card
  • All Panel Annunciators, Switches and Rotaries
  • Replica B737NG Control Knobs
  • Functional Solenoid Driven Engine Start Mechanisms
  • PRO-MX Series Knobs Throughout
  • Accurate “T” Style Landing Light Toggles
  • Aircraft Quality White Toggle Caps
  • Functional Electrical Display
  • Functional Cabin Altitude Displays and Rotaries
  • Functional LED Driven APU Gauge
  • Functional LED Driven Packs Gauge
  • Functional LED OutFlow Valve
  • Replica/Non Functional Gauges (can be upgraded to mechanical)
  • Pre-wired and tested prior to shipment
  • All PC Board Design
  • USB Controller Card
  • IBL Dimmer Control (Panel Brightness)
  • Super Simplified Set Up with Sim-Avionics and ProSim 737
  • (Optional Overhead Stand Not Show)
  • Standard Lead Time 8-10 weeks.

Please contact us for a detailed quotation as we need to check into freight options that best serve you.

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