The PRO-MX B747 Mode Control Panel delivers high on that "Heavy Tactile" feel required in professional simulation products. Our "High End Enthusiasts" customers are also rallying around this product for its wide range of features and "no expense spared" approach to getting it right.


  • FDS-EM1 Switches, Quad LED/Super Heavy Tactile Feel
  • FDS-G3 Interface (New!)Board
  • Proprietary IBL Series Panel with Accurate Backlighting
  • Powder Coated Metal Case
  • White 7 Segment Displays w/ Custom Trim Parts and Mode Annunciation
  • Custom Bank Angle/Alt 100/1000 Selectors (Mechanical)
  • Built in EFIS/DSP interfacing for Optional Devices
  • FDS Custom Injection Moulded Knob Set for Accurate Appearance and Feel

Normal Lead Time: 8 - 10 weeks

FDS-EM1 Switching
The FDS-EM1 switch is a super heavy tactile feel unit offering quad LED and robust design for years of smooth, trouble free operation.

White 7-Segment Displays
Vivid White 7-Segment Displays with accurate Trim elements and dual mode annunciation.

Bank Angle Selector
Bank Angle Selector with engineered mechanical components. Heavy feel and robust design. Custom Knob.

IBL Series Panels
For the ultimate in "built in backlighting" look to the FDS "IBL" Series panels. Accurate.


We are presently out of stock on the FDS-B747-PRO-MX-MCP, and have therefore paused the sale of this SKU for the foreseeable future.  Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

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