The B747 Complete Overhead Package is a setup featuring all the highest level components, IBL Series Panels, Real Aircraft DZUS rails, fasteners and more. Designed for High Fidelity, Heavy Tactile Feel applications this package will easily withstand the day to day use required in professional applications as well as maintain a price point that our High Enthusiast or R&D Facility customers require.


  • FDS Exclusive IBL Series Backlighting Technology
  • Metal back plates with Dzus Fasteners
  • Accurate Frame design with Real Aircraft Dzus Rails
  • Heavy Duty/Tactile Feel FDS-EM1 switches featuring QUAD LED Design
  • PRO-M Series Backlightable Knobs
  • FDS Exclusive SYS Boards for Super Simple Setup and configuring. Real Plug and Play (Not Plug and Help!!)
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Normal Lead Time: 8 - 10 weeks

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