A Practical and Affordable Solution to Realistic Cockpit Training and Simulation. True Scale, All Metal Assembly and Precision Touch provide a very realistic B777 experience. Expandable to include a stand alone Pedestal, Throttle, Overhead or a full blown FDS Quality Fixed Based Procedural Trainer (FTD). This configuration is in use by Aerospace/Airframers for real aircraft development, Government Agencies and High End Enthusiasts who demand professional level hardware at affordable prices.


  • True Scale
  • Sturdy Metal Framework and Assembly
  • Machined Display Frames
  • Precise and Realistic FDS Proprietary Integrated Backlit Panels (IBL)
  • FDS-B777-PRO-MX Mode Control Panel (USB Plug and Play)
  • FDS-B777-PRO-MX Captain and First Officer EFIS Units(USB PnP)
  • FDS-Glare Interface
  • FDS-SYS4X System Interface Board/Software
  • PRO-MX CDUs with VGA LCD (Backlit Keyboard/USB PnP)
  • Realistic B777 Landing Gear Unit
  • All Panel Annunciators, Switches, Rotaries - Function Capable
  • Replica B777 Control Knobs
  • Universal Mounting Frames for LCD Panels (PFD, ND, EICAS)
  • All Primary LCDs Included! (2 x 19"/1 x 15")
  • Lower EICAS LCD with Custom Holder
  • Lighting Pack for Under Glare, Under MCP Drop Lighting (With Dimming)
  • IBL Panel Dimming

Normal Lead Time: 8 - 10 weeks

The FDS PRO-MX Series Mode Control Panel is included and delivers the highest level of tactile feel and functionality in our category.

Realistic Green Backlighting
FDS proprietary IBL Series Panels throughout the DSTD deliver high on realism.

Precision Laser Cut Components
Our All Aluminum framework, CDU bay and MIP deliver high on realism and offer a lightweight structure yet structurally sound.

The FDS PRO-MX Series EFIS and DSP units are included and delivers the highest level of tactile feel and functionality.

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Fully Assembled (Just add Computers/Software)

The B777R-PRO-MX DSTD is best suited for operation using Sim-Avionics available through Flightdeck Solutions.

Crating and Shipping Costs are based on ship-To location/shipper/method.

PLEASE NOTE: Some pictures may show optional items like Software, Rudder Pedals, Platform and yokes. These are available but optional items.

"IBL" and "Integrated Backlighting" are "Trade/Brand" names created By Flightdeck Solutions (FDS) to describe Flightdeck Solutions (FDS)products. IBL panels in name and Concept are the intellectual property of FDS and subject to trademark/copyright laws as governed by law.

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