Client Challenge

BAE Systems prides itself on continually pushing the status quo and advancing critical flight systems that deliver competitive advantages to its clients.

BAE needed to obtain a simulator that emulated the operations of the latest B737 aircraft variants. The device required high-tolerance for iterations, modifications and configuration changes. The flightdeck and control systems are high-priced components that can cut into R&D budgets. BAE wanted a supplier-partner with proven expertise in manufacturing high-quality, robust, B737 flight simulator and parts to replicate the controls of a Boeing cockpit for their test designs.

FDS Solution/Approach

For over 20 years, Flightdeck Solutions has proven itself capable of rising to the occasion at producing high-quality training devices without multi-million dollar price tags. FDS has supported complex technology design innovations by delivering accurate and top-of-the-line airline simulator products.

"Knowing that one of our FDS-B737NG-FTD devices was being utilized in the development of real aircraft parts for one of the world's most popular airliners speaks volumes about the industry's trust in our ability to accurately replicate a flightdeck.  This particular project brought many new elements and working with the support of our friends at BAE we delivered."

Peter Cos
CEO, Flightdeck Solutions


BAE is a major supplier of components and “Line Replaceable Units (LRUs)” on the NG and MAX variants of 737s. BAE commissioned FDS to manufacture B737NG and B737MAX simulators capable of hosting test design, product development and evaluation.

The FDS-B737-FTD trainers played a critical role in BAE’s rigorous flight control systems testing. By replicating real-parts accurately, FDS effectively mirrored the B737 flightdeck. BAE used the devices as a lab-unit to showcase their advanced flight and engine control prototypes.

With the successful delivery of this project, Flightdeck Solutions proved to be a reliable go-to-partner for developing emulators for avionics R&D and product design tests.