Launch 360° Panoramic

The FDS-B787-FBPT is Flightdeck Solutions newest offering. This “Flagship” device is a full scale representation of the B787 Flightdeck. The device is designed to offer a detailed simulation of the panel layouts, Flight controls, FMS, aircraft systems and FMS logic. This is all surrounded by a very accurate interior liner set and outer shell featuring accurate window shapes and sizes. Click the Panoramic image link above to get a virtual look at this exciting new device!

  • Procedural Trainers

  • Marketing Display Devices

  • Laboratory Devices

  • Entertainment Units




Nose Sectional/Interior Liners


  • Laser Cut Aluminium Shell
  • Industrial Powder Coat Finishing
  • Accurate Interior Liner Set
  • Modular Design
  • Poly-Carbonate Windows
  • Projector Friendly” roof design

A scale, modular Nose Sectional with interior liners designed to create the correct immersive effect required to accurately create the required environment.



  • Custom machined components
  • Full Motorized Design (w/ Sim-Avionics Avionics)
  • IBL Series Panels w/Backlight
  • Functional TOGA/GA Devices
  • Machined Knobs (lettered/Powder coated)
  • Realistic Fuel Cut Off Knobs
  • Accurate “Trim” devices (Spring load to Center)
  • Throttle Levers and Speed Brake Motorized (Back Driven)
  • USB interface

Pro-MX Level MCP and EFIS


  • FDS Proprietary IBL Series Panel
  • FDS Custom Switching (Heavy Tactile Feel)
  • White 7 Segment Displays
  • Functional Bank Angle Selector (Heavy Tactile Feel)
  • Custom FDS Interface with available API

FDS PRO-MX Series MCP/DCP units are used solely in our high level projects. Designed for heavy use and focused on the heavy tactile feel found onboard the Real aircraft.

Real Aircraft Yokes and Columns

Nothing beats the look and feel of the real thing. FDS recognizes that the Yokes and Columns are the primary elements for flying the aircraft. Real aircraft Yokes are stripped back to bare metal, checked, tested and returned to “As New” condition. FDS proprietary machined components and Static Loading round out the package. FDS custom manufactures Control columns to round out the perfect 787 appearance.

FDS Crew Seats

FDS supplies real aircraft crew seats for all our FBPTs. Unfortunately, real B787 Crew seats are outside the scope of our design and pricing targets. FDS manufactured crew seats will be supplied and color matched to the real aircraft colors. J-Rails are provided. Vertical Seat Adjustment is electronic/motor controlled.

Custom Configurations

FDS works closely with a wide array of customers and is able to Develop/Supply many custom elements over and Above our standard FBPTs.

Instructor Stations
Entry Stairs/Ramps
Custom Wheels/Lifts
Rack Mount Computers/Hardware

Talk to us about your requirements!



  • Accurate Real Aircraft Bulbs for the perfect appearance
  • Machined Components
  • Machined Printed Circuit Boards
  • Metal Backing Panels
  • DZUS compatible
  • Accurate 6mm Top panels
  • Computer Matched Paint

FDS IBL (Integrated Backlighting) series panels deliver high on realistic appearance and long term performance. Super consistent lighting across the panels is made possible by the real aircraft bulbs we employ. FDS is the only company utilizing true IBL and it shows!

High Level Avionics Software

Avionics software is the core of any decent simulation. FDS works closely with the finest Avionics Suppliers to ensure maximum capability of the devices offered. Sim-Avionics is the chosen avionics suite for the FDS-B787-FBPT.

Sim AvionicsAerowinx Precision SimulatorProSim-AR