F-16 / Simulator

Commercial-Level F-16 Trainer: North-America exclusive

The FDS-F16-FTD is a full scale, high-level representation of the aircraft’s cockpit designed for commercial training environments.  The trainer covers all the various primary sections of the F-16 cockpit including Instrument Panel, Custom F-16 Tactile Hardware, Movable Ejection Seat, High Fidelity Flight Controls and more.

The video above from the International Test Pilots School, FDS customer and operator of four networked FDS-F16-FTD devices, illustrates a Mixed Reality use case for single or multi aircraft networked training.


Flightdeck Solutions 2022 Flight Training Device Brochure






The FDS-F16-FTD modular fuselage with interior liners create the basis of an immersive environment. This design approach can be easily assembled in an average room and transported through standard doorways.

Our F-16 ejection seat is adjustable for proper positioning, and can be equipped with an optional platform extension for increased ease of access to the cockpit.

*FDS-F/A18-FTD variant shown

The main instrument panel and console panels in the cockpit of the FDS-F16 feature proprietary integrated backlighting with dimmable night vision green LED in the main instrument panel and white in the console panels. 

The background lighting in each console side is also fully dimmable.

High Resolution Displays with aircraft quality switching aimed at years of heavy usage. 

Custom Interface software connected to our SYSBoards utilizing our proprietary high speed Ethernet connectivity. An available API means making the connection to custom software solutions is a snap!

Functional switches, annunciators, and potentiometers are used as part of our fully-tactile philosophy to Flight Training Devices.

Flightdeck Solutions has picked suppliers with dependable products to bring the realism required in the F-16.

This includes:

  • Power Levers
  • Rudder Pedals
  • Flight Stick Grip/Mechanism

FDS offers various upgraded configuration options, such as custom visual systems, seat transducers, intercom system, and customized livery options, to enhance immersion and increase realism.

*FDS-F/A18-FTD with platform extension shown


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