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What do I need to do to connect FDS Ethernet Series (E-Series) products?

The typical way to connect the E-Series boards is via the ethernet cable to a Network Switch. The Network Switch needs to be connected to a Router with “DHCP enabled” to provide an IP Address to the module. Follow the instructions provided for the device purchased on our product pages.

Are there other ways to connect the E-Series Boards?
  • Connect to a network that has DHCP or Static IP addressing.
  • Connect (a single board) directly to the computer using static IP’s"
What network speed do the boards run at?

The board connects using Fast Ethernet (10/100 Mbps).

Do FDS Ethernet products need a Static IP Address?

No, they do not need to have a static IP address, however you can configure one via the web configuration interface. Send your request to the Tech Support Email and we will provide a manual for this.

What are the advantages to using the FDS Ethernet (E-Series) products?

The implementation of ethernet products allow for longer cable runs; more devices; faster communications. This allows for you to have more devices, in the simulator and having Rack Mounted computers position further away from the simulator. This is an advantage in Research Labs, Motion based Simulators and tighter spaces when creating your Simulator area. USB devices have always had cable length constraint and requiring USB Powered hubs. This eliminates these issues.