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Flight Simulator Software

Do FDS Products work with Microsoft FS2020?

At this time the supplied SDK from Microsoft does not allow our products the full features required to interface with FS2020. As the software develops the functionality will be added. We plan to have these features available as quickly as possible. Watch for updates on our webpage or Facebook page.

Can I use Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3d?

There are drivers available for Radios and the Transponder that will work directly with LM P3D. Using Avionics Suites designed for P3D will work (Sim-Avionics, ProSim, PSX, Jeehell and some PMDG aircraft). P3D versions from 3-5 including earlier versions but 4.5 and 5.x are the latest updated versions.

Do FDS Products work with X-Plane?

At this time the only X-Plane functionality is with the B737 Zibo Mod. They have created an interface for our products. Support can be found in the XP Forums under Zibo Mod TEKWorx as your search. This plugin is for X-Plane 11 only.

Where do I find X-Plane Drivers for FDS Products?

Drivers are only available from Zibo Mod for their B737. Beta versions are available.

What FDS Products work with PMDG?

The FDS CDU (USB and E-Series), MCP and EFIS (USB Only at this time). There is a CDU Interface from TEKWorx that allows the CDU to work with PMDG B737 NGX and NGXu, B777x and B747 QOTS. MCP (USB Only at this time) works with the B777x and B737 NGX only. SYSBoards that are using TEKWorx InterfaceIT will work. You will need use the PMDG Offsets list from FSUIPC and do some manual assigning. No support provided for this interfacing. http://www.tekworx.ca/downloads.php

Do FDS Products work with FSX Century of Flight?

Yes, our beginnings go back to FS9 but interfacing with FSX is possible and still available. We recommend upgrading to P3D if possible. Drivers are available at TEKWorx http://www.tekworx.ca/downloads.php