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Avionics Software

What Aircraft are supported by what Avionics Suites?
  • Sim-Avionics - B737NG, B737MAX, B777 and B787

  • ProSim - B737NG, B737MAX and A320

  • Aerowinx PSX - B747-400

  • PMDG - B737NGX, B737NGXu, B747 QOTS and B777x

  • JeeHell - A320

  • Zibo Mod - B737NG (X-Plane)

  • API is available for most interface products and integration may be possible for other Avionics vendors. Contact us for information"

Do FDS Products work with all Avionics Suites?

At this time FDS Products work with the following Avionics Suites: Sim-Avionics, ProSim, PSX, Jeehell A320 and some PMDG aircraft. Support ranges from minimal to much higher levels depending on the software. Installation manuals are available.

What PMDG aircraft work with FDS Products?

B737 NGX and B737 NGXu, B777x and the B747 QOTS.